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What We've Been Upto

Blurb believes in the philosophy of “less is more”, and focuses on serving the customer with what they wish for, with an added layer of smooth, crisp yet elegant communication.

Our portfolio includes Television Promos, Commercials, Digital Brand Videos, Event Videos and 2D & 3D animated videos etc.

We specialize high end, in short format video production.


What Can We Do For You

Blurb specializes in Writing, Producing and Post Producing content for all forms of short format productions.

From 2D and 3D animation to location based shoots, we cover all forms of communication through the medium of moving images. We also create content for broadcast design and channel branding, with experience of having launched 5 channels collectively as well as various channel re-brands.

Who Are We

Aditi Kodesia

Aditi Kodesia

An international Bharatnatyam performer and ex radio jockey, Aditi has worked extensively in the television industry. After completing her Masters degree in Mass Communication from Sophia College in Mumbai, she went on to work on shows like MasterChef India, Dus Ka Dum, India’s got Talent and many others. After three years working behind the camera, she then joined Discovery Channel in Delhi as a promo producer, where she took on both creative as well as managerial roles for the next couple of years. She has been running Blurb for the last five years, switching hats between Producer and Director. Most recently her short documentary was accepted in the official selection at the Auckland International Film Festival.

Warning: She’s borderline OCD and doesn’t just make sure everything stays on track, she gets it done!

Gaurav Kodesia

Gaurav Kodesia

A writer-director, producer and trained editor from Royal Holloway, University of London; Gaurav likes to be involved in every aspect of his project. Having worked in film(ADing & Editing), news and advertising; he settled in Discovery Channel as a Promo Producer. In his time there, he won three Promax awards in India and Singapore all before turning 25. He then co-founded Blurb with Aditi and has since been creating all forms of short format films for global brands.

Warning: He talks too much and is very capable of going on and on until you ask him to stop.

Rael Armstrong

Rael Armstrong

Rael joined Blurb as a trainee, with a BA in design and short stints of work in film and production houses such as Starving Artist Films and Uncommonsense Films. He is hard-core on set and the go to Assistant Director for any director. His role at Blurb is of a Producer for on going projects.

Warning: A football freak, ready to play at 11 at night after a long day of work. He will surprise you with his weird playlists and it's almost impossible to match up to his energy level.

Deepak Ahmed

Deepak Ahmed

Deepak is the first and oldest Blurb employee going back to when the company was 3 members strong. He’s an extremely experienced editor with 10 years of work under his belt.He’s very driven, obsessive and extremely professional at what he does and is always open to experimentation.

Warning: An atheist, obsessed with apple products, never diss anything apple in front of him.

Our Clients

Animal Planet
Discovery Channel
Discovery Science
Diacovery Turbo
Absolut Elyx Logo
Discovery Kids
Heritage Transport Museum
Le Meridien
Royal Enfield
Starwood Hotels
Jameson Seal Whiskey
Travel & Living Channel
Primo Privilege
Id Logo